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The Tucker Firm represented a New York real estate development company in a case in which a Fortune 500 financial institution claimed that the development company breached a municipal trust arrangement relating to a shopping mall in Pennsylvania. The financial institution argued that the development company was required to pay rent on space in the mall previously occupied by a national retailer that had vacated the space after going bankrupt. The financial institution also claimed that the development company had to reimburse the financial institution for almost one hundred thousand dollars in attorneys’ fees that it had paid to retain a major, 250-attorney law firm.

The Tucker Firm caused the case to be mediated by a federal judge. During the mediation, we proved that the financial institution had no legal right to receive the rent and that the amount of the attorneys’ fees that the financial institution had paid its attorneys was unreasonable. As a result, the financial institution abandoned its claims. This result saves the real estate company over twenty thousand dollars each month in rent and avoided payment of one hundred thousand dollars in claimed attorneys’ fees.

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The Tucker Firm represents clients in lawsuits relating to residential and commercial real estate and represents real estate brokers and agents in defending professional liability claims.



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