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The Tucker Firm represented the founder of an international technology company who had his ownership interest substantially reduced in a complex corporate reorganization secretly undertaken by the company’s directors. Employing our targeted approach to litigation, we filed a detailed Complaint in court that plainly demonstrated the strength of the founder’s claims. This alone caused the defendants to settle the case on advantageous terms.

The Tucker Firm also represented a senior executive who was prohibited from selling stock received under a company’s employee stock option plan. We filed a Complaint in court against the company showing that the company would lose the case because it had admitted in its SEC filings that the executive had the right to sell her stock. The company was represented in the litigation by a major Chicago law firm with 150 lawyers. Before retaining The Tucker Firm, our client had retained other attorneys to attempt to settle the case, but they failed. The Tucker Firm’s aggressive, precise approach to the litigation caused the company to pay the executive to settle the case immediately after we filed the Complaint. The final settlement amount was more than twice the amount of the executive’s original settlement demand.

Practice Description

The Tucker Firm represents companies and their owners in disputes relating to the management, governance, and ownership of the company.



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The Tucker Firm wrote the comprehensive guide to business organizations in Illinois, published annually by Thomson West.

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